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Learn how MobiControl’s robust, enterprise-grade features can be applied in real-life situations to enhance productivity, efficiency and mobility ROI.

Mobicontrol for Healthcare brochure PDF

Mobicontrol for Healthcare brochure PDF


Mobile technology is revolutionizing healthcare and increasing the standard of care for patients. Healthcare practitioners are using mobile devices to improve the standard of care inside the hospital and at home. Mobility is helping streamline clinical workflows, improve the speed and accuracy of diagnosis and treatment, and strengthening patient communication. Quite simply, mobility decreases the time practitioners spend on administration, allowing them to devote more time to patient care.
MobiControl for Healthcare

MobiControl for Healthcare is an enterprise grade mobility management platform that enforces secure use of mobile devices anywhere patient care is required. With the MobiControl solution, healthcare practitioners can realize the full potential of mobility to improve patient care, without sacrificing the security and privacy of patient data.


SOTI and its customer, Children's Mercy Hospitals & Clinics (CMH), were recently featured on TV's "The Economic Report" exploring how CMH has effectively employed MobiControl within the medical industry.


Enhanced patient care with secure content and applications.
Content Library and Enterprise Application Management provide healthcare practitioners secure access to the content and applications needed to increase the standard of patient care.

Compliance across your mobile deployment.
Keep in front of HIPAA and HITECH compliance and audit using robust reporting and logging features built for the regulatory landscape of today and tomorrow.

A birds-eye view of mobile deployments.
Location based policy enforcement allows you to locate, track and secure your devices anywhere in the world.

Your help desk anytime, anywhere.
Powerful remote control, remote view, and help desk tools to diagnose and fix problems quickly across your mobile deployments.

Enhanced productivity through a custom healthcare interface.
Kiosk Mode allows you to simplify the device home screen for clinical use, complete with a customizable user experience that can include applications and web clips.

Advanced reporting and analytics for at-a-glance asset management.
Keep track of your valuable mobile assets with robust reporting and analytics available in an intuitive web console. MobiControl makes it easy to protect your investment in mobile technology.

MOBICONTROL - REMOTE CONTROL<br /><br />Equip enterprises with powerful remote control and help desk functionality to efficiently diagnose and fix device issues.
MOBICONTROL - LOCKDOWN<br /><br />Create customized device interfaces to limit users’ access to specific features and applications.
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